Medicom MAFEX Peter B. Parker Spider-Man Promo Images and Product Info

Peter B. Parker was probably my favorite part of Into the Spider-Verse. My wife got me really into New Girl and Jake Johnson is just hilarious in that. He played a washed up, lazy Spidey like a champ. Medicom have released official promo images of their Peter B. Parker MAFEX No. 109 Action Figure! This usually means that pre-order links will go live in the near future! We’ll keep you updated with pre-order links as they come in!

As we’ve seen in previous shots from various conventions, Peter comes with interchangeable leg parts to convert from sweats to spidey suit!

We get four different head sculpts. Unmasked, half-masked, regular masked, and determined/mad masked.

And the accessories. Accessories make the figure every time! I love a good larger-than-life super-hero with a coffee mug and a slice of ‘za! It says to me that even Spidey gets tired and hungry. Webbing and mis-matched shoes are thrown in of course!

From Medicom:

Accept your fate. Combines the 
best form with an outstanding range of motion! 
The strongest action figure!

Scheduled to be released in June 2020 
MAFEX No.109 
(Peter B. Parker) 

Reference retail price ¥ 8,800 (tax excluded) 
* Consumption tax will be charged separately. 

Prototype Production SH STUDIO / PERFECT-STUDIO 
Costume Production Yumiko Noda (Creation) 

  • Approximately 160mm in height 
  • SPIDER-MAN (Peter B. Parker) appears in MAFEX from [SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE] ! 
  • Completely reproduce the image in the play, such as characteristic facial expressions and parts! 
  • Impressive cloth coat, sweat pants included, 
     sneaker parts included! 
  • Various 
     actions can be reproduced with various wrist parts included ! 
  • Comes with a movable figure stand! 

* We are shooting a sample under supervision. 
 Some of the products may be different. 

(C) 2019 MARVEL (C) 2019 SPA & CPII

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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