Funko Announce Pop! Rides: Lord of the Rings—Gwaihir with Gandalf

Still playing a little catch up here from the week’s news. Remember those birds that everybody wondered about in Lord of the Rings? Like, why wouldn’t they just go an pick up Frodo and Sam and just plop them on top of Mount Doom? They plucked them off? It seems like a roundtrip ticket was certainly in order. Well, now Funko is immortalizing one in vinyl.

Up for pre-order and slated for a December 2019, Funko has solicited the Gwaihir and Gandalf Pop! Rides!

From Funko:

Coming Soon: Pop! Rides: Lord of the Rings—Gwaihir with Gandalf
Soar over Middle-earth with Gwaihir the Windlord, the mightiest of the Great Eagles of the Third Age. This Pop! Ride Gwaihir and Gandalf is a must-have for fans of The Lord of the Rings, wizards and great eagles.


Coming soon!

More later. DrunkWooky out!

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