Square Enix Announce Freya Cresent & Beatrix Two-Pack

Square Enix Beatrix & Freya

Final Fantasy IX was one of my favorite from the series. I’m sure everybody has their own pet favorite Final Fantasy. I played VIII, but it was a little grim for my liking. VII was alright, but a little before my time (at least my time playing RPGs). IX caught me right at the proper time in my life and hit the right vibe for me to just spend hours and hours exploring it. Hell, I even loved the in-game card game.

On the heels of the Vivi and Steiner two-pack announcement earlier this year, Square Enix now announces that Freya and Beatrix will be added to the troupe in a two-pack! Check out the full gallery, product details and pre-order info below!

Freya and Beatrix are just over 6″ tall each and are slated for a February 2020 release from these fine retailers:

From BBTS:

Product Description

From Final Fantasy IX, Freya and Beatrix join the Bring Arts action figure line together in this amazing set.

This set comes with abundant accessories, including signature weapons for each character, like the Javelin and Save the Queen, as well as their respective interchangeable hand and head parts. This set allows you to recreate your favorite in-game moments of these strong and beautiful women.

Product Features

  • Freya 6.14 inches (156.0cm)
  • Beatrix 4.72 inches (12cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Freya has her beast-like qualities detailed in her hands, feet and tail
  • Beatrix is faithfully recreated from her in-game look

Box Contents

  • Freya Crescent figure
    • Interchangeable hand parts
    • Interchangeable head parts
    • Javelin
  • Beatrix figure
    • Interchangeable hand parts
    • Interchangeable head parts
    • Save the Queen

More later. DrunkWooky out!

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