Super7 Thundercats Rumors

We reported earlier this week that Super7 is teasing a figure announcement for the Thundercats property on Monday, 8/12/2019. Super7 posted the following image to its Instagram with Lion-O peering through the hilt of the Sword of Omens:

Well, now some rumors are circulating the internet:

  • Super7 will be offering three lines: Classics, ReAction, and Keshi.
  • Classics are starting from the beginning and not picking up where wither Mattel or Bandai left off.
  • Super7 cannot use Mattel’s figure molds, so these will be all new casts.
  • Four Horsemen Studios reposted Super7’s Instagram teaser, so they may be responsible for the new sculpts.
  • Tygra, Slithe, Jaga, and Grune will be part of the first wave.
  • Pre-orders may open 8/12/2019.

Again, these are just rumors. They are exciting rumors, though.

More later. DrunkWooky out!

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