Photoygraphy: Cap and Peggy, American Soldiers

I know I said yesterday that my next Photoygraphy post would be shot with my DSLR, but it turns out you need to charge those things. Then work, kids, wife, life. Nothing I’m complainig about. It’s just that these shots are still taken with the old iPhone 8s.

Today’s gallery features the Marvel Legends Captain American and Peggy Carter 2-Pack (Amazon Exclusive). I stripped away all the Ultimate Captain America with Motorcycle parts I interchanged yesterday and we’re down to just the retail offerings from the Amazon 2-pack.

This 2-pack Cap comes with two head sculpts. The primary difference between the two is the haircut. The first 4 images use the more 50s style cut. The second 4 use the more modern style haircut.

Peggy comes with whatever accessory Cap will spare for her. Typical. But, in all seriousness, this pack comes with two different shields, a combat knife, pistol, rifle, and removable Captain America helmet (not pictured).

“Back to back…”
“…you and me.”
“We stick together,…”
“…but we give them hell.”
“Pretty slick plan, Peg.”
“I thought so myself, Steve.”
“No time but the present.”
“On three…”

This 2-Pack is available through Amazon exclusively.

I can’t help but try and make Peggy as badass as possible. That pencil skirt is really hampering my efforts, though. Wish it had a slit at the side so all that leg articulation was worth a damn.

More later. DrunkWooky out!

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