New Power Rangers Lightning Collection Figures Leaked

The initial reaction to the Power Rangers Lightning Collection was pretty good. The market seems to be pretty firmly set in the 6″/ 1:12 scale preference, and a smattering of accessories and alternate heads/hands usually keeps the buying public happy at the $20 to $24 price point. Figures in this price range industry-wide have also had decent articulation, making for some great play, pose, replay, and re-pose opportunities. Think Black Series, Marvel Legends, Dragon Stars, etc.

A few leaked product pictures from future Lightning Collection entries have been making the rounds on the internet today. First, a Power Rangers Lightning Collection two-pack, similar to the fan channel exclusive Green Ranger vs. Puddy Patrol two-pack. The leaked two-pack images show Lost Galaxy Red Ranger and In Space Psycho Red Ranger and first popped up on the Best Buy site, but have since been removed.

No news yet on release date, or even whether this will be a store exclusive or general retail release. It could be Best Buy exclusive, fan channel exclusive, or general retail release. We’ll keep you updated!

The next leak is more likely to be a general retail release, but still not confirmed. No release date confirmed on this one yet either. Behold In Space Psycho Blue Ranger for your viewing pleasure!

That’s it for now! More later! DrunkWooky out.

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