Unique Collectibles Available Through Sideshow’s Mike Nosco Charity Auction

Sideshow is currently holding a charity auction for the Mike Nosco Foundation.

This is a chance to get some pretty cool and unique collectibles. Scroll down for a full list of what’s on offer. Many of the listings are for “Artist Proofs”, usually the first few sculptures out of the molds inspected by the artist or the sculpture upon which subsequent production was based. There’s even a Stan Lee autographed print up for auction.

The Mike Nosco Foundation Mission Statement:

The Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc. supports our Southern California communities whose mission is to provide financial relief to families and/or individuals who are confronting a life threatening illness. The foundation’s mission is realized by organizing an annual cycling event, the Michael Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride, to generate revenue. 

Stan Lee Art Print

Predator Life-Size Bust Artist Proof

Lord of Darkness Life-Size Bust Artist Proof

Venom Life-Size Bust Artist Proof

Green Goblin Premium Format Figure Artist Proof

Punisher Premium Format Figure Artist Proof

General Grievous Premium Format Figure Artist Proof

Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure

Red Hulk Comiquette

X-Men vs Sentinel Diorama Artist Proof

Balrog Statue Artist Proof

Terminator Endoskeleton Prop Replica Artist Proof

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