Hasbro Reveals Next Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave Including Superior Octopus and White Rabbit

Mexico Unboxing Toy Convention 2019 took place over the weekend and Hasbro had some big Marvel Legends reveals. Hasbro showed off the next Spider-Man Wave due in Spring 2020, including a classic Vulture, White Rabbit, Superior Octopus, what looks to be Shang-Chi, Playstation 4 Spider-Man, and what looks like a Velocity Suit Spider-Man. Check out the images below!

For those who can’t wait until Spring 2020 for more Marvel Legends Spidey, pre-orders are live for 80th Anniversary Big Time Spider-Man and 80th Anniversary Anti-Venom shipping in October and November respectively.

Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth

We have some decent quality photos of two figures via Hasbro Pulse’s Instagram.

First up, White Rabbit!

And, Superior Octopus!

White Rabbit, Lorina Dodson’s first appearance was in Marvel Team-Up 131 (1983) for those who like collecting cheap first appearances.

Although Doctor Otto Octavius has been around since the very early history of Spider-Man, his first appearance as Superior Octopus was in Amazing Spider-Man 25 (Vol. 4 2017).

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