Winner! Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Wolverine and Hulk 2-Pack

Marvel Legends Hulk 181 recreation. Check out more Photoygraphy here

This is the part of writing this blog I really enjoy. Getting cool hunks of plastic into fans’ hands!

Dan Alvar, one of our YouTube commenters is the winner of our Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Wolverine and Hulk 2-Pack Giveaway! Congratulations Dan. Contact us at and we’ll get the 2-pack shipped out to you! You have 48 hours to claim. Shipping is free within the United States.

For all who weren’t fortunate enough to win, you can still buy the Marvel Legends Wolverine and Hulk 2-Pack at these fine retailers:

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Randomization Process:

First, I flipped a coin to decide if Youtube commenters or blog commenters would be listed first. Heads was Youtube commenters; tails blog commenters. All I had was a penny, and it landed on tails. So, blog commenters were listed first in the excel spreadsheet.

We had 48 blog commenters and 32 YouTube commenters for a total of 80 entrants! 75 had qualifying entries (named a Weapon X subject). Don’t worry, I didn’t judge harshly. I just excluded my own replies, other chatter, etc.

Then I went to and clicked to randomize once for a number between 1 and 75. The result was #50.

More giveaways and reviews later! DrunkWooky out!

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