Hot Toys Black Panther Shuri 1/6 Scale Figure Final Product Photos

UPDATE 8/2/2019 11:45 AM MT: JC Hong, Production Art Director at Hot Toys shared some close-up head sculpt pictures and a packaging image from Hot Toys’ Secret Base:

Check out the full gallery below, featuring Stan the Man-Lee.

Hot Toys have shared a large (53 images) album of final product photos of their Black Panther Shuri 1/6 Scale Figure. These photos were shot by official Hot Toys photo bloggers Jingobell, Kindar, bg_toyart, UltraBen, and SiuPing.

This is the time where a lot of Hot Toys fans decide whether or not to get the figure they have been eyeing. A time to play “Spot the Difference” between these final product images and the prototypes previously solicited by Hot Toys and Sideshow. More eagle-eyed observers may find some differences, but Hot Toys seems to have stayed pretty close to the mark on this production piece. I wonder if that hair bun is articulated?

Shuri is still available for pre-order from these fine retailers:

The Throne of Wakanda pictured is still in stock and available:

T’Challa, pictured with Shuri is still available for order:

T’Chaka, pictured with Shuri is still available for order:

From Hot Toys:

【Black Panther – 1/6th scale Shuri Collectible Figure Final Product Photos】 T’Challa’s younger sister, Shuri is a scientific genius who develops new vibranium technology, including advanced medical devices, and powerful weapons. She also helped T’Challa to win back the throne of Wakanda. With an independent mind and a strong will, she becomes one of many beloved characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Hot Toys is very excited today to present fans with the final product of 1/6th scale Shuri collectible figure from Black Panther! Sophisticatedly crafted with striking likeness of Shuri’s appearance portrayed by Letitia Wright in the movie, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt with detailed braided hair sculpture, a newly developed body, a beautifully tailored battle suit with neck ring, a Wakandan pattern sash, weapons and accessories including a pair of LED light up Vibranium Guantlets, a spear, a Kimoyo Beads bracelet and a movie themed figure stand! This album will showcase some amazing shots of Shuri taken by our fabulous bloggers! 

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