Funko Pop! Pez The Office Announced

Funko have announced a wave of The Office Pop! Pez dispensers. Check out the full gallery and pre-order links below!

Regular readers of OTC will remember my stance on Pez. I love Pez, but I don’t understand why I like Pez. It’s an inefficient delivery of candy, and at 30 calories a pack, how do we expect to be able to get obese with such a slow mechanism!? Sometimes, I feel like they don’t understand food.

At any rate, I also love the Office. I’ve rewatched just about every episode over 100 times. It plays in the background while I do chores, cook, or work on paperwork from home. My wife and I reference the Office on the daily. My wife also has no interest in Funko Pops! Except the Office, that is. Everybody’s a fan of something, right Funko!?

Well, slated for a December 2019 release, these stocking stuffers are perfect for the merchandise-deprived office fandom. They also will only run you about $4.99 a POP! (Pun always intended).

Available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth and your favorite retailers. We’ve seen all the designs before from the regular POP! Office line, but the Prison Mike is a nice new treat seeing as it was a Hot Topic exclusive in the Pop! figure line.

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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