DrunkWooky’s What the Hell!? Episode 1: Bandai Butt

I love the imports coming out of Japan. Japanese toy companies have given us Transformers, epic figures like Shenron, Gundam, and of course Godzilla and the whole monster crew!

But then there are things I don’t understand. Not things I don’t like. I might like this. It’s funny. I’m not sure it’s supposed to be. But it’s funny to me. I just don’t understand it. Maybe somebody could explain it to me. I’d be open to that. But for now, I am left saying “what the hell!?”

This is Monster Shirimarudashi, a 6.5″ PVC model which Bandai calls “[t]he little new favorite toy ‘ass monster’ ” This figure comes complete with “only one ass.”

Bandai boasts that this model features a “detachable ass.” Yes, we can see that Bandai. That doesn’t answer the question as to why, though. Not only is the detachable nature of the ass vexing, but the shallow divot left by the removal of the ass leaves many questions as well. Was anybody asking for that feature? Is there a use for that gaping green divot? Can you store a coin in there? Would you?

Why is the ass seemingly made of human flesh? Is this a man or woman in a monster costume? That leads to other questions too risque for a family-oriented website such as this (right…).

Why does it cost $20? Who is buying it?

It seems to me that the only function of a detachable ass is to lose that ass. The comic strip posted by Bandai themselves makes that clear:

Yeah, thanks for clearing all that up, comic.

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