Hot Toys Batman Forever Batman 1/6 Scale Figure Spotted at ACG Hong Kong 2019

We thought we were spoiled at SDCC 2019 with all the Hot Toys reveals, but today Hot Toys is exhibiting Batman a prototype of the Batman Forever 1/6 Scale Figure at ACG HK 2019. How could they possibly have shown us more? Images of the Dark Kilmer below after a short SDCC recap (because I like to bury the lead and I never recapped SDCC Hot Toys reveals).

As a recap, at SDCC, Hot Toys revealed a quarter scale Spider-Man, Venompool, Rocket Raccoon, Iron Patriot, Battle Damaged Iron Man Mark LXXXV, Neon Tech War Machine, Disco Jude Law, Pennywise, Sith Trooper, an Anakin with Jedi Starfighter that will never get produced, Kit Fisto, Solo Darth Maul, Wicket and so much more. A full gallery can be found over here.

Then, finally, when everybody thought Hot Toys had forgotten about DC Comics, we get an updated Dark Knight Two Face. Also, seemingly at random, Robin from Batman Forever. But, no Batman.

Well, ponder this strange turn of events no more, sports toy fans, images of Batman have been circulating from ACG HK 2019.

Looks like Hot Toys is really gunning to get those Val Kilmer pout pout lips dead on. Also, it’s always bugged me that Robin’s suit got nipples and Batman’s didn’t. What possible explanation could there be? I mean, it’s a strange choice to include the nipples on Robin’s costume in the film to begin with. But, then to not follow through with Batman? Seems inconsistent.


Not details on price, release date, or non-screen accurate inclusion of Bat-nipples.

More later, DrunkWooky out!

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