Batman The Dark Knight Returns MAFEX No. 106 Official Promo Images and Product Info

After revealing this new Batman along with the previously announced Hush Batman at Medicom Exhibition 2019 last weekend, Medicom Toy has post an official product listing on their site. This new entry into the MAFEX line is based on the Frank Miller depiction of the dark knight. Full gallery and official info below.

Looks like it’s going to sell at retail for around $75.00 (minus international shipping, of course), and the estimated release date is May 2020.

We’ll update with pre-order info from the likes of EESideshowToy OriginHobbylink Japan, and BBTS as those listing appear.

From Medicom:

Both the best form and the outstanding range of movement! 
The strongest action figure in history!
Expected to be released in May 2020. 
MAFEX No. 106 
(The Dark Knight Returns) 

Reference retail price ¥ 7,800 (excluding tax) 
※ Consumption tax will be charged separately. Sculpting 


  • Height approx 160mm-From 
  • ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ BATMAN appeared! 
  • Fully reproduce the image of COMIC such as distinctive facial expressions and parts !  
  • By unique joint parts, unique posing is possible! 
  • We can reproduce various actions by various wrist parts attachment ! 
  • Reproduce the texture in cloth cloak! 
  • Mobile figure stand included! 

We are taking a sample under supervision 
 There is a case that is different from the release product.

BATMAN and all related characters and elements 
(C) & TM DC Comics. (S19)

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