Photoygraphy: Downtime with Spidey

Hey, guys it’s DrunkWooky welcoming you back to Photoygraphy on!

I’m still working the iPhone 8 until further notice. No need to comment on its limitations. I witness them every day. Hopefully, before Star Wars Celebration 2020, I upgrade to a DSLR for the reader’s sake, and my family’s sake. We want to take some beautiful growing up pictures!

Speaking of family. Life’s been super busy around the old Wooky household. Shutting down my defunct online retail arm of Thunderclap L.L.C., taking care of a near-ambulatory daughter, and rooting on my wife in the cutthroat corporate world.

Today felt like a good time to take a moment for some downtime with Peter Parker, A.K.A. your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, A.K.A. Spidey.

Today I’m shooting Medicom Mafex Spider-Man again playing Namco Arcade Classics Pac-Man.

Game Start. Player One Ready.
“Pac-Man, you’re the real hero!”
“Where did all these ghosts come from? What difficulty is this set to?”

More later! DrunkWooky out!

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