OTC’s Weekly Dose 7/19/2019

End of a busy week? Feel like you were dragged by a team of horses, kicking and screaming through the weekdays and tumbled bruised and bloodied over the weekend finish line? What did you miss? It’s SDCC week, so a lot! Where to start. This is the Weekly Dose! 



DrunkWooky snaps his fingers.


Did Hello Kitty license Funko or did Funko license Hello Kitty? In other news, a pleasant clown finds a balloon, and Professor Oak finishes his lecture.

Star Wars

Old Man Maul, things get HyperReal, we mourn our fallen prototypes, and Target tries to carry an exclusive again.


Hasbro sculpts 1:12 scale Crocs, Spider-Punk gets a new guitar, Mezco wants to join the Spider-Man party, a lot of Endgame Hot Toys get revealed.


Big bad Joker gets put behind bars, but somehow, also, in front of them. Batman gets some kryptonite knuckles.

Everything Else

Hasbro wants to make a $500+, 20lb Transformer, KHHHAAAAAAN, don’t call him a Mermaid, Fortnite continues to be a big deal.

Until next week! DrunkWooky out!

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