New Hasbro Pre-Orders Spinning out of SDCC 2019- Legends BAF Fat Thor, Power Rangers Lightning Collection, Transformers

There are tons of new product listings going up on the old, usual, haunts coming out of SDCC reveals.

First up, Marvel Legends:

80th Anniversary Two-Packs:

First of all, if you missed out getting the 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends two-packs at brick-and-mortar retail, today’s your day! Classic 80th Anniversary Thor and Iron Man are also now available for pre-order online!

We’ve known about most of these two-packs for a long time: Skurge and Hela, Colossus and Juggernaut, Korg and Grandmaster, Ghost and Luis. But Deadpool and Hit Monkey came right out of the blue!

We’ve been impressed with the previous two-packs’ accessories load (except Korg and Grandmaster). Deadpool has to take the cake, though! He comes with two alternate heads, two katanas, three pistols, a shield (because why not, right!?), guitar to rival Spider-Punk’s, and Hit Monkey. Then, Hit Monkey comes with some of his own accessories! He gets headphones, two machine guns, and hell, why not throw in a headpool!

This Deadpool and Hit Monkey Two Pack and other Marvel Legends Two packs just got listed at these fine retailers:

Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 5 (Fat Thor BAF Wave)

Fresh from the reveals at the Hasbro breakfast this morning, we now have official promo images of the figures both in-package and out. The Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 5 includes Valkyrie, Vision, (another) Captain America, Iron Man Mark LXXV, Heimdall and Iron Patriot. Of course, that’s all to achieve one goal, Fat Thor!

Complete with Crocs!

Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 5 can be pre-ordered for an October 2019 release at these fine retailers:

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 2

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection seems to be off to a solid start and the follow up wave looks pretty good. Like I’ve been saying, the market seems to love the 6″ scale at the $20.00 price point. Power Rangers figures are not immune from that phenomenon.

Wave 2 was revealed at the Hasbro breakfast at SDCC this morning. With the release of the Pink Ranger, it looks like they’re spreading the original quintet across a couple waves to keep people collecting. Pink Ranger comes with an alternate head sculpt and sweet bow and translucent pink lightning arrow!

That’s about the extent of my Power Rangers knowledge, unfortunately. Other than that, we got a sweet Green Ranger and Putty Patrol Two-Pack reveal at the Hasbro breakfast, and that’s also up for preorder-order! Official promo images below.

Lightning Collection 1:1 Scale Replica White Ranger Helmet

Oh, I’m sorry, did we almost fail to mention the 1:1 scale replica White Ranger helmet!? Keeping inline with the Star Wars Black Series replicas, and the Marvel Legends replicas, it looks like the Power Rangers Lightning Collection is getting its own line of 1:1 scale replicas from Hasbro as well. A pretty schnazzy display stand as well, I might add.

Power Rangers Hasbro Lightning Collection gear is here:


What can I say? There are always new Transformers. I can’t even keep the lines straight anymore, but we’ve got new ones is all I can tell you. Honestly, if there is a fan out there who would like to take the time to straighten out all the different lines for me, I’d be all ears.

Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Deluxe Crosshairs

Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Voyager Apeface

Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Leader Astrotrain

It’s good to see Thomas the Tank Engine grew up to makes something of himself.

More later as the weekend rocks on and on and on, I’m sure! DrunkWooky out!

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