Mego Wave 7 Star Trek Wrath of Khan Spock and Kirk Product Images

Fresh from Mego Corp. (well yesterday, but a fella’s gotta sleep), comes product images from the Mego Star Trek Wave 7, Wrath of Khan! The latest pictures show us brand new head sculpts for Spock and Kirk which are slightly older and a little more weathered than their original series counterparts. Check out the image below. Thanks and credit to Mego Museum for the heads up on this.

These figures are available at these fine retailers:

Wave 6 Kirk Head sculpt for comparison
Wave 6 Spock Head sculpt for comparison

Also, check out those brand new movie-style phasers! I don’t know what it is about Mego, but I really do love what they’re doing right now. If anybody else did it, I wouldn’t bite. Mego just have that charm, I guess.

This latest image follows up the reveal of the Khan figure earlier this week. You could click that link, or take a gander below. Any excuse to put those mighty pecs back up on a post.

Wave 7 Pecs-a-plenty
Wave 7 Pecs-a-plenty profile.

Now we have the full reveal of the Mego Wave 7 Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan set!

More later. DrunkWooky out!

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