DrunkWooky’s Figure Review: Marvel Legends Gear Avengers Endgame Power Gauntlet

Today I’m taking a look at the brand new Marvel Legends Gear Power Gauntlet from Hasbro.

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The packaging is what we’re used to from Marvel Legends Gear Prop Replica releases. A clean black, minimalist presentation with crisp logos and essential product info on the outside such as measurements and pointing out electronic features. The side flaps are closed with one piece of tape each making this package collector friendly. Those who want to open this collectible and return it can do so with minimal damage. Inside you’ll find two cardboard end caps keeping the gauntlet in place and one plastic bag without tape.

An instruction leaflet is included, but its usefulness is limited. It points out the location of the batteries and how to turn the lights and sounds on, but not off. It also doesn’t tell you all the easter egg settings you can find.

Tip: You can turn off the lights and sounds by simply holding down the center yellow infinity stone until the lights dim.

Tip: If you bring the middle finger and thumb together, a special “failed snap” light and sound sequence commences. Watch the Youtube video to check it out for yourself.


This collectible isn’t as screen accurate as a Hot Toys replica, but then again it’s priced at a much, much lower price point and is designed to be worn and played with. Based on a comparison between the Hasbro sculpt, Hot Toys sculpts, and movie screen shots, this collectible looks like it’s based on the Hulk gauntlet rather than Tony’s gauntlet. The grey and gold inlets on the side of the forearm lead me to that decision.

Again, not completely screen accurate, but close enough to that there is no confusing what this is. It’s the Endgame Power Gauntlet.

One nitpick that takes me out of the fantasy a little is the exposed screw holes throughout the sculpt. It’s not a big deal and was probably a practical decision made based on production techniques and price point.


There isn’t much paint application to speak off on this collectible. The colors presented are either cast in that plastic or painted in one block color. There’s no shading or weathering. Some industrious folks may want to customize this with weathering and shading to make it look more battle worn.


The gauntlet measures approximately 19.5″ from cuff to middle finger end. I’m 6’4″ and my forearm and hand are proportional to that height. There are rings (one for each finger) inside the gauntlet and a handle that rests comfortably in the palm of your hand. Some younger fans may have a hard time reaching as the forearm of the gauntlet is quite long. You get a full range of motion into a fist with each finger, but you can’t accomplish the follow through on the “snap”. That probably was too much to ask anyway.

You can click the center yellow stone for a short light and sound sequence, hold it for a longer sequence, or lock the fingers in place in a fist by popping down the rectangular button on the back of the gauntlet. Each of these has a unique sequence of lights and sounds. As you move each finger, there are also mechanical nano tech sounds that coincide with that motion. The easter egg: bring the middle finger and thumb (only, no other fingers) together for a “failed snap” sequence inspired by Avengers: Endgame.

The sounds are crisp and don’t sound like they’re emanating from a tin can. The lights are a little bright, which is appreciated in a dark room, but the translucent colored plastic could have been darker to give a better pop of color.

All in all, the electronics are where this collectible shine. A fan who wants to cosplay light can pick this up for a decent price, walk around their local con with it, and have the time of their life.

I was in favor of this collectible, but when I found the hidden “failed snap” easter egg I became a big fan. This toy is a lot of fun!

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