New Mego Wave 7 8″ Figure Images Released-Khan, KISS, Mummy, Headless Horseman

Mego Corp. released new images of the Mego Horror, KISS, LOTR, and Star Trek Wave 7 8″ figures earlier this week via Megomuseum. Images below with my unsolicited commentary.

That’s some mighty, road-worn stubble Strider is sporting. No Legolas images yet, though.

Catman gets at least one drum, which is better than no drums.

Space Ace looks…spacey.

KHHHAAAAAAAAN! Looks like they got the pectoral scaling just about right.

Leather goods look passable in normal vintage Mego style on this headless Ichibad slayer. Have you ever met a man named Ichibad? Not me.

We saw the Mummy a little earlier, but I don’t think the Canopic Jar was emphasized in those photos.

More later from the Mighty Mego Corp! DrunkWooky out.

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