OTC Figure Giveaway Winner: Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Grandmaster and Korg 2-Pack

Now is the time for something I really enjoy doing, giving away free stuff! Last week we reviewed the Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Grandmaster and Korg 2-Pack. We asked viewers on Youtube and readers here on the OTC blog to comment with their favorite obscure Marvel character for a chance to win a 2-pack!

Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth

First the process. I entered each entrant into an excel spreadsheet in the order they commented, Youtube comments first, then blog comments. No rhyme or reason to that; just arbitrary. There were 15 entrants in total. I then I rolled entrants in Random.org once. I always just roll once.

Lucky number 13!

Tyler. Just Tyler. Like Cher or Madonna.

You win! You have 48 hours to claim your prize! You’ll get free shipping within the United States.

Congratulations, Tyler.

Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth

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