OTC’s Weekly Dose 7/12/2019

End of a busy week? Feel like you were dragged kicking and screaming through the weekdays and tumbled bruised and bloodied over the weekend finish line? What did you miss? Where to start. This is the Weekly Dose! 


Two reviews this week! Grandmaster and Korg come to the party light on accessories and Gundam Universe RX-78-2 shows Robot Spirits whose boss!


Tom Hanks has sold his soul to Funko, Iggy Pop joins with every other Pop, somebody paints Bruce Lee gold, and a pile of rats gets cast in vinyl!

Star Wars

Sith Trooper, feudal samurai, and big Palpy gets a new plastic tray!


The OG issue #1 gets reprinted! Super 7 slings pizza at SDCC.


Cap’s goggles are permanently molded to his face and Hot Toys inexplicably makes a giant 1/4 scale Vulture.


Joker, Joker, Turtle!

Everything Else

I’m reminded that C is, in fact, for Cookie. The king returns. So does Pennywise. No, not that Pennywise, the older one. Jordan takes flight stateside. Mego gets a Mummy.

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