Mezco Announce Re-Release of Living Dead Dolls 1990 IT Pennywise Doll

From Mezco’s unsettling line of Living Dead Dolls comes the new 1990s IT Pennywise doll.

Mezco has been releasing dolls that are a sinister mash up of quaint cuteness and terrifying nightmares for a long while now and Pennywise re-joins the ranks of Freddy Krueger, Michael Meyers, and the Grady Twins.

The 1990s Pennywise doll runs around $40-50 depending on retailer and is slated for a Quarter 1 2020 release. Official info and gallery from Mezco below.

Pennywise can be ordered from these fine retailers:

These are great gifts if you want to traumatize your daughter for life.

From Mezco:

“Want a balloon?”

He’s every nightmare you’ve ever had, your worst dream come true. He’s everything you ever were afraid of. He’s Pennywise the clown, and now he’s a Living Dead Doll.

From the depths of the sewers beneath Derry comes the terrifying villain of It the movie, Pennywise. Resplendent in his brightly colored satiny clown suit, Pennywise is literally the stuff of nightmares. From his oversized clown shoes to his shock of bright red hair, great care has been taken to capture not just the look but the essence of the character. One look at his fang-like teeth is enough to know this clown is no laughing matter. Pennywise comes with his trademark crimson balloon…because down here, everything floats.

The LDD Presents IT 1990: Pennywise stands 10 inches tall, and has 5 points of articulation. He features real cloth clothing and comes with his red balloon.  He is packaged in a custom die-cut window box perfect for display.

Welcome him into your collection today…then you can float too.

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