Funko Announces More Stranger Things Season 3 Pops!, Mystery Minis

I’m taking a wait and see approach right now. This could either turn out to be a replay of seasons 1 and 2, or could twist in brand new ways that make it all worthwhile to the viewer. It’s still a fun ride we’re on and the characters are old friends by now.

Catching up on some holiday weekend news now. Funko announced last Thursday that, of course, even more Stranger Things Season 3 Funko Pops! are coming! That is, along with a whole pile of Mystery Minis I can’t even begin to go into!

So, if you need to update your Stranger Things collection with pony tail El, awkward bowl-cut Mike, confused by magnets Joyce, vascular Billy, or new Pile of Rat Guts, this is your chance!

There will also be a yellow beret El Amazon exclusive, and teddy bear El Target exclusive.

Official digital renders and info below!

My better Wooky half and I have been watching Stranger Things Season Three all weekend. With an infant baby, that means we’ve made it about three episodes in.

So far, I like the new dynamic between the boys’ party. Having said that, it’s no longer a boys’ club. Eleven is newly empowered as a young woman by Maxine and Maxine has been given some depth of character and added value in the team. Last season, Maxine was sort of a brooding and tough wild child.

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Probably the strangest thing in Hawkins’ is how everybody seems to have just swept the crazy happenings of the past two seasons behind them. Will and Joyce Byers promise to bring that delusion back to Earth, though. Will still gets the chills, and Joyce can’t seem to shake that magnet coincidence!

Pop! Television: Stranger Things

Bring home Pop! Eleven, Pop! Mike, Pop! Joyce, 
Pop! Lifeguard Billy and a 6” Pop! Tom/ Bruce Monster.

Pop! Eleven in yellow is available as an Amazon exclusive 
and Pop! Eleven with a bear is available as a Target exclusive.

More later, of course, because it’s the unstoppable Funko train!

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