New Pre-Orders from Funko: A Year Without Santa Clause, Game of Thrones

Funko announced a new set of POP! Pez dispensers, Heat Miser and Snow Miser from A Year Without Santa Clause and new Game of Thrones POPS!

So, in case there’s anybody out there not pissed at Game of Thrones over the final season, this is right up your alley! I mean, I’m not pissed, but I didn’t watch it. I know, I know. By the time I had the inkling to watch it, I was too far behind the zeitgeist. I just let the world forge ahead and kept watching ER reruns.

Via Funko’s Blog today:

Pop! Moment: Game of Thrones®

Relive your favorite moments from the epic series 
that took the world by storm with a Pop! Moment 
Daenerys and Jorah with swords.

Pop! Moment 
Daenerys and Jorah

Available at:

Pop! Television: Game of Thrones®

Bend the knee for the new Queen of the North 
with a new Pop! Sansa Stark!

Pop! Sansa Stark!

Available at:

Pop! PEZ: The Year Without a Santa Claus

Relive the holiday magic of the stop motion 
animated television special The Year Without a Santa Claus
with Pop! PEZ Miser brothers including
Heat Miser and Snow Miser.

Available at:

It might just be me, but Pez always seems like a really inefficient way of getting candy into your system. First of all, a wrapped pack of Pez is about 35 calories. None of us are going to make it to the American standard of obesity that way! Second, you have to take the pile of Pez tablets out of the wrapper between your thumb and forefinger, keep the spring-loaded dispenser tray out of the outer housing, drop the stack of tablets in (praying to God one doesn’t end up sideways, and get the inner tray slid back into the housing without upsetting the stack. Then, and only then, do you get your 2.9 calorie sugar tablet portioned out to you.

They should make these things bottom load like a pistol magazine. I mean, get with the times. Let’s get these bad boys within the protection of the Second Amendment here. There’s no range on the tablet when you pop that head back. Let’s get at least a couple feet of projectile motion here. Did you guys know that Pez dispensers dispense the same amount of sugar tablets as they did the day they were invented by Oscar Uxa in 1949? 12. Let’s upgrade this bad boy with a banana clip! 24, 36, 48 sugar rounds dispensed directly into your esophagus at a range of 20 feet! Maybe a bump stock so you can cock that head back semi-auto style?

I kid, I kid. But Google told me I needed more original content on my site, so there ya go!

More later.

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