Photoygraphy: Murder Droid Showdown on Magma Mountain

“End of the road, Chelli! Should have thought twice about making a murder droid operating system ambulatory.”
“Mistress Aphra, this is simply the end of the line. If you go any further, you will plummet to instantaneous immolation in a lake of scorching liquid magma.”
“That would be most unfortunate,….”
“…because it would deprive me the opportunity to torture you mercilessly.”
“Yes, BeeTee, you may be present for that.”
“Ah, yes! Please do resist! It’s always more sporting that way!”

Welcome back to more OTC Photoygraphy! Continuing work with the iPhone 8, here today. There are definite limitations that come into play. The iPhone camera wants to auto-focus as many objects as possible and makes it hard to focus on one depth of field. I find myself distancing the figures more than I otherwise would in order to force the focus manually.

Our players today are Doctor Aphra, Triple Zero, Bee Tee One originally from Marvel’s Darth Vader Volume 1 by Kieron Gillen.

Now for OTC’s Trademark Dare-to-Compare shopping! You can get these figures at these fine retailers (prices current at the time of this writing):

I’m continuing to use different areas of the 1:12 Scale ReadySetz Urban Playset. The igneous rock background was made simply by crumpling black gift wrapping tissue paper and hitting it with a desk lamp draped with red gift wrapping tissue paper. I think the less in focus that background is, the more like a real lava tube wall it looks.

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