Lego Unveils PS4 Spider-Man Mini-Fig via SDCC Exclusives Portal

Via SDCCBlog:

Just like last year, LEGO will be utilizing the San Diego Comic-Con Online Exclusives Portal System, which was first used in 2018. The system will open the last week of June — but it remains to be seen whether or not this year’s version will have a “points” system, similar to WonderCon’s version earlier this year. Only those who win the lottery will be able to purchase.

If you were worried that yesterday’s Online Exclusives Portal launch not including any LEGO minifigures meant that LEGO was discontinuing the tradition — fear not. GameSpot revealed the first exclusive today, in the form of a PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man Minifig, set for Thursday, July 18. It’s unclear yet if it will eventually be part of the portal or if LEGO is returning to their former process for the minifigs.

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