Funko SDCC 2019 Team Coco Reveals

Here’s a little calm before the inevitable Funko storm of exclusives today.

Funko announced their Conan O’Brien shared SDCC/Gamestop exclusives last night. Looks like you can get some stale cereal with a pocket Pop! Super Conan and/or a mono-chrome Team Coco orange Conan O’Brien Pop! Conan has always had a strong connection with both Comic Con and Funko. So, unlike some exclusives, these make sense and I don’t have any problem with them (notwithstanding the stale cereal jab above).

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From Funko’s Blog:

Conan FunkO’s & Pop! (GameStop)

Bring home your favorite late-night talk show host
as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive FunkO’s featuring 
Super Conan as the mini-mascot and a shared
GameStop exclusive 25th Anniversary 
Conan O’Brien (fully clad in Team Coco Orange).

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