Lego Announces More SDCC 2019 Exclusives: Lego Batman

Your favorite character from the Lego Batman Movie and the Lego Batman Movie 2 is now a Lego mini-fig! That’s right, Lego Batman is now a Lego! Is Batman famous from anything else?

DC is also celebrating Batman’s 80th Anniversary. Sounds familiar. It’s like DC is competing with Marvel or something.

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Via SDCCBlog:

LEGO is back this morning with another SDCC exclusive set (two of THREE!), courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. The new The Dark Knight of Gotham City set is a part of LEGO’s DC Comics Super Heroes line, and features a diorama of Gotham, with a water tower, gargoyle buildings, and the Bat-signal. There’s also a Batman mini-fig included. The 427-piece set will retail for $45, and just like all of LEGO’s offerings, be a part of CCI’s Online Exclusives Portal launching next week.


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