New Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Men Promo Pics Released from Hasbro

Who knew this week would be full of so much eye candy!? Hasbro released new promo images of the new Uncanny X-Men Retro Marvel Legends Wave. Hit the jump for full galleries of Cyclops, Wolverine, Silver Samurai, Storm, and Dazzler! No new Iceman pics, though?

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The Uncanny X-Men Retro Marvel Legends Wave is available for pre-order from these fine retailers:

Initial impressions? I love that we get a classic 80s Wolverine from his time studying the blade in Japan. I predict a showdown between Wolverine and Silver Samurai in my home dojo in the near future. I’m more excited than I should admit about what looks like an additional joint in Wolvie’s pectoral. Storm’s fabric cape looks pretty amazing. Always good to get another Cyclops with some eyeblast effects. Dazzler? Sigh. I might give her a pass. I don’t understand her as a character. But that’s just me. Do your own thing readers. Whatever you love, own it!

Entertainment Earth

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