Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Harley Quinn Prototype Revealed at Wonder Festival 2019

Coming off the Shanghai Wonder Festival Weekend, Kaiyodo revealed their next DC Figure to get the Amazing Yamaguchi treatment via twitter.

#アメイジング・ヤマグチ 新作原型を上海WF2019で発表!
ハーレイ・クイン (2019年冬発売予定)#海洋堂 #WF上海 #WF2019上海— 【公式】海洋堂 (@kaiyodo_PR) June 10, 2019

” New prototype presented in SHANGHAI wf2019! Harley Quinn (expected to be available in winter 2019) “
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The unpainted prototype images show that Harley Quinn comes with her signature mallet, interchangeable roller skates, baseball bat with onomatopoeia word bubble, interchangeable hands, and likely much more once full info comes out.

Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Harley Quinn

More later.

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